What do I need to know about Vimar's web servers?

How much does it cost to use Vimar's web servers?

Because most of the web sites that we host have differing needs, we have a set of pre-made hosting packages. Custom packages are also available. Our sales team will gladly work with you to decide on the right hosting and support package for you at a price within your budget.

What software do Vimar's web servers use?

Vimar's web servers run the latest Slackware Linux. Both PHP4 and PHP5 are available. CGI scripting (PERL, Python, etc...) is also available if you need them. MySQL database access is also available if needed. SSL is also available upon special request. AwStats is also available to allow webmasters to track web site visits.

What kind of hardware do Vimar's web servers have?

Vimar's web servers each have 1GB of RAM with 2.4ghz processors. They are located in different physical locations and they back each other up automatically. Our high-speed internet connection is provided by Thunder Bay Telephone on 2 different high-speed lines in different parts of the city.


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