FTP Information

What is FTP?

FTP is the file transfer protocol. It is commonly used by webmasters to update their web sites.

What software do I need to use FTP to update a web site?

To update a web site by FTP, you have to have software that can communicate using the appropriate protocol. Software to do this probably is already on your computer, but it may be beneficial to use third party software. Some programs that can be used for FTP include:

Internet Explorer
Access the FTP server using a URL of the form On Vimar's web server, this would be Any files uploaded to the public_html directory will be publicly accessible, and files can be dragged and dropped similarly to Windows Explorer.
Command Line
A web site can also be updated by command line using the "ftp" command. To do this on Vimar's web server, you can type "open" at the "ftp>" prompt and log in with your username and password. Files can be uploaded with the "put" command, or downloaded with the "get" command. Remember that you will probably have to change to the public_html directory first. For more information about command line FTP, visit the following link:
If you maintain a large web site, sometimes software that comes with your computer will not be adequate for the task. Our recommended piece of third party software to do this is called WS_FTP, and it is made by Ipswitch. As with all FTP software, the server name is If you have trouble using it, read WS_ftp for Newbies.
Sometimes, you may want to use some additional features or just a different user interface from a standard FTP client. In these cases, you can find other FTP software by visiting and searching for "ftp" or Tucows and searching for "ftp".

What alternatives do I have to using FTP?

In addition to FTP, you can also use the "webdisk" feature that comes with Vimar's Webmail Service, or you can use a web-based content management system to update your web site. You can also directly modify files on the web server using SSH and Linux commands if you prefer to (recommended for advanced computer users only).

How do I use FTP to update my web site hosted on Vimar's servers?

Regardless of your choice of FTP software, you'll need to know the server name, your username, and your password. The server name is always If you need help finding your username or password, call for technical support at the number below.


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